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Friday, June 30, 2006

Not what most developers are talking about...

I'm a bit confused, because I haven't heard ANY developers (the ultimate gamers 9 times out of 10) talking about these top three games. None. His number four (below a boxing game!) is the first that seems to have any kind of following. It's been a rough year for any console save the DS thus far. Most folks are just happy to be playing MMO's on their PC's in the mean time. Xbox Live Arcade titles are getting more attention than real Xbox 360 games. Heck, Google Video and YouTube are more commonly discussed right about now. From here it's looking slow. No wonder some of the commenters are looking back to 2005 for great games.

A+E Interactive: The best games of the year -- so far
But the first three selections qualify as extraordinary -- smart, sharp-looking and absorbing.


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