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Friday, June 30, 2006

GDC Call for Papers

I think it's pretty funny that "take control," "relates not only to the new innovative controllers," because that wasn't really what I first thought about when I read, "take control." There are a whole lot of things needing a little control here and there. It is an important GDC, because it will be occuring at a pivotal moment in the history of the industry. Things are going to get interesting.

Game Developers Conference 2006
The theme for 2007 is "Take Control" and this relates not only to the new innovative controllers we've seen developed in recent time (like Guitar Hero, the Wii, the Sony Tilting Controller, Eye Toy 2 etc.), but also to the fact that in 2007 the developers have their hands on FINAL versions of all three consoles. For the next 5 years, many of our attendees are betting their careers on these machines and the games they enable them to make. So keep in mind that many attending will be coming from an office with next generation consoles already running their next major project and they are looking to innovate on the hardware, the new peripherals, the new online marketplaces etc.

There's also continuted interest in casual games, mobile games, PC games and handheld games.

Overall, this conference is all about sharing by dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable individuals. The event and the experience is generated by people like you, dealing with the most relevant topics that are impacting developers today. So we invite you to submit your proposals and we look forward to hearing your ideas.


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