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Friday, June 16, 2006

I *HEART* The Escapist

The Escapist is always full of good news and commentary on the video game industry. This month's issue is no different. I think the "answer" to piracy issues in China will be the development of a Chinese software industry. However, this software industry isn't going to look a whole lot like the US based software/game industry. It's going to be that mish-mash of ideas, which shouldn't surprise us.

The thing that Chinese companies have realized is that piracy is rampant. So they make web-based and embeded software. Cell phone games are exploding. Web-based games are exploding.

The Escapist - 电玩世间
Ironically, China's high piracy rates make this much, much easier. While American companies might pay thousands of dollars for tools like compilers, source control and art design programs, the cost is virtually

zero in China's little-enforced software environment. And Chinese companies may soon be able to pirate legitimately, noted Fishman, thanks to the so called "triangle-trade," where other countries help China work on open-source alternatives to popular computer programs in order to undermine American software engineering dominance.


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