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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Almost Too Much to Respond to...

First... Red Octane has a division in India. This means that Activision has an India based office now. This will be very interesting.

Second... You wont see downloadable tracks on the PS2 unless they're saving on memory cards, because so few PS2's have hard-drives. Perhaps on the PS3.

Opposable Thumbs: Activision buys Red Octane. Activision now publishes Guitar Hero? That doesn't rock
We all know that Guitar Hero 2 is going to be huge. It seems as if Activision knows it as well. That's why they bought Red Octane, Guitar Hero's publisher.

It could be worse though, Activision has released some decent games in their time. Plus, and I'm getting excited here, they drop a bomb on us. Apparently they're interested in exploring downloadable music, and mixing that up with Guitar Hero would be the perfect match. Perhaps Activision knows what they're doing here, and will bring us what we've always wanted: downloadable tracks.

There's an upside and a downside here. Red Octane loses some of its independence, but they and Harmonix now will have bigger pull to make bigger moves with the music in the game. We'll see how this one turns out in the long run.


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