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Sunday, July 09, 2006

So When Did the Format Wars Invade the Console Wars?

So, I've been wondering lately about how HD-DVD and Blu-Ray have gotten into the mix of this whole next-gen console war. Why on earth is the next format war being fought on the grounds of video game consoles. Most folks don't use their PS2 or Xbox to watch DVD's. Some do, but seriously, even if they couldn't, people would go out and buy one for $50.00 or less at BestBuy.

Consoles have always used priorietary formats. While I agree that it's cool if you can play another disk in your console, I don't see how it's the major selling point. The Blu-Ray and HD-DVD war isn't going to won on the console front. If Sony thinks just by selling PS3's the Blu-Ray will win, they've got another thing coming.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Video game legend criticises Sony
The new PlayStation comes with a Blu-ray high definition DVD player inside and Sony is hoping that its inclusion will prove attractive to gamers moving into the HD era.
Microsoft has said it will soon sell an external HD-DVD player, which is a rival format to Blu-ray, but has not specified a price.


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