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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Don't let Nintendo off that easily...

They're still pretty heavily invested in making money and a pretty rough and tumble licensing scheme. Of course I do tend to agree that Nintendo is doing something interesting. But MS is too. Sony is doing something, and it's interesting, but I'm not sure if anyone else understands.

American McGee backs Wii in next-gen race //
"I sense that Nintendo is going to capture the hearts of gamers while Microsoft and Sony stab each other in the neck for market domination," McGee stated.

"Nintendo is focused on innovation and games," he added. "The other guys are focused on making money."

It's McGee's assertion that the focus on high definition, cinematic graphics and the touting of immense technical processing power will be detrimental to both Sony and Microsoft's grip on the games market.

While the two firms fight for market share, McGee believes Nintendo's cheaper, gameplay-centric and highly innovative approach taken with the Wii console will capture consumer interest on a much wider scale.

"The only true next-gen console out there is the Wii. Everything else is just a video card and processor upgrade," McGee concluded.


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