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Friday, August 04, 2006

Good/Bad with Sony

While it's true that people have been hard on Sony lately (and now you're seeing all sorts of apologetic writing), it does not negate the fact that there has been some serious boo-boo's and foot-in-mouth incidences lately.

100 Games in development. That's good. How are their schedules looking? How are the games looking? Are they in full swing production? They've just gotten Blue-Ray writers, which is part of the very complicated aspect of loading and keeping those cores running. That's good, but also pretty late in the stage, especially considering the read-rates that were being reported at GDC.

But, perhaps they've got things under control, Blue-Ray is going to take off, consumers are going to suck it up and spend the $600.00 for it, and they're going to love Sony for it. If you're interested in those 100 movies here is a list.

It's too early to say really, but the point of the bad press is that they've made some assumptions that proved to be wrong. They ought to have paid a little more attention along the way.

GameDaily BIZ: Harrison: PS3 Development in 'Full Swing'
Harrison said that "it's all going well" and now that over 10,000 development kits have been shipped PS3 development is in "full swing."

"Developers now have final hardware in their hands, though there will be some upgrades to the operating system - there's nothing unusual about that. The new controller is now in developers' hands, so all the pieces of the puzzle are there," he said.

Harrison continued by pointing out that because many developers now have Blu-ray burners in their PCs they have been able to get familiar with the next-gen format and "they are now doing their first iterations of games running off discs."

"We have shown more playable games than ever before, so the signs are good, and right now there are more than 100 Blu-ray movies available today, in the US. More than 100 games are in development, and all the major third-party publishers have pledged their strategic support for the platform," he concluded.


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