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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I try to not respond to much outside of the game industry here, but I couldn't help with this one. In many respects the game industry isn't much different than Apple. I don't see many PSP or PS3 owners griping that they can't play their games on an Xbox. Yet, somehow, in some universe this makes sense to many folks. And I don't necessarily disagree. The point is, lay blame where due, not at the feet of someone else, this case being Apple.

Europe Cool to Apple’s Suggestions on Music
“He’s trying to move the responsibility away from Apple and turn this into a trans-Atlantic trade issue,” said Torgeir Waterhouse, senior adviser to the Norwegian Consumer Council."

No shit? He's trying to point blame where it's due! The copyright holders. Seriously, I'm tired of Apple getting a bad rap for FairPlay. It's the music industry stupid. If you can't put that together in your head, then Apple should cut you off from the iTunes music store, and you'll see how much music other than CD's you're getting. Blow.

The RIAA countered with a resounding, "Take option number two Mr. Jobs." Which of course is the option they've been encouraging, because it fufills their RETARDED ASS DREAMS which many in Eur0pe are feeding. Sweet. Nice job.

RIAA counters Jobs

"We have no doubt that a technology company as sophisticated and smart as Apple could work with the music community to make that happen," Bainwol said in a prepared statement.

Translation: "Apple, if you can't do it, no one can!!! WHhhaaaa!!!" Go cry me a river and come up with your own anti consumer paradigm. Blow.


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