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Friday, June 30, 2006

Mobile Carriers Miss a Lot in the US

Missing out on this whole "game thing" is just one of their misses. The thing that floors me is that American's haven't really figured out that they're getting screwed when it comes to mobile phones. If you look in just about every other industrialized (industrializing) country, cell phones, cell phone games, text/data/image/video messaging, and a whole host of other things are going crazy. And no, people aren't going broke paying for these things, because they're cheaper. We just think they would be, because if they were being charged what we were, they would be. Nope, we're just so used to paying through the nose for our cell phones, we haven't asked why we don't have it.

The article mentions Sprint as being the most progressive, that's pretty funny considering that until recently getting a basic phone with your service didn't have the capability to play or download games.

GameDaily BIZ: Interview: Namco Networks' Jason Ford
Mobile gaming is continuing its meteoric rise, but it sometimes can seem that this rise is happening in spite of the carriers, and not because of them. Fundamentally, they aren't gaming companies the way the developers and publishers are, and some just don't seem to understand or appreciate the tremendous opportunity mobile gaming presents.


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