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Monday, July 10, 2006

Best Comment EVER on PSP vs DS

So, I know the article is mostly about telling Sony "put up or shut up", but that PSP/DS line... I laughed out loud. I wonder if Sony will see the writing on the wall, or if they're going to just continue promoting their executives who apparently only say what other executives want to hear, or start listening to some gamers/developers? Just a thought.

British gaming legend accuses Sony of arrogance //
British games industry veteran Jeff Minter has accused Sony of adopting an "incredibly arrogant" attitude with regard to the PlayStation 3's high price point, warning: "Nobody likes smug."
"Sure the PSP was beautiful, shining, pretty and posh, whereas the DS
was definitely the ugly sister. But hey, the ugly sister is better in
the sack."
"We need games, not smugness, games that will make me want to get hold of the PS3 rather than a bunch of stuff either identical or broadly similar to what I'll be playing on my 360," he wrote.

"I want sweet Feisar temptation, not a bit of snotty attitude."

Minter concluded by warning Sony: "Yeah, you've got the lion's share of the current market, but don't get smug... Nobody likes smug, and it's not an attitude that has served companies well in the videogames industry."


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