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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why Indie Games are too Important to be Left to Indie Developers

While the article is a bit short, it is interesting to see folks at Vivendi recognizing the risk. They're definitely right, that the current structure lends itself toward one of "limitation." I think the real secret will lie in bringing new kinds of games, new genres, and new "IP" to the industry. This is where the most money has typically been made. It's risky however, because if you're too far out there you lose. This is what Sega proved with the Dreamcast. If you're too "safe" though, the same thing happens. That is what Atari proves (ET).

In-house developers are typically the ones with the best ability/skills for creating new content. They've got experience. They've got resources. They ought to be pushing the envelope.

In-house development will boost creativity - Vivendi //
"It’s my sincere hope that - as more publishers such as ourselves bring development in-house - we’ll increasingly see a change in this culture of limitation."

Roberts wants to see more risks taken with IP, rather than opting for the 'safe' sequel or limited use of a license which has plagued the industry over the past few years and could, if not corrected, transfer into the next generation of consoles.


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