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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nintendo: Have a MP3 Player for 30 Euros. Sony: Go buy your own HDMI cable.

So, I read a lot about how people are being overly harsh on Sony right about now. Maybe its because Sony has their head planted firmly up someone or somethings backside. If you're going to release a console that is "all about HD" shouldn't you allow it to work with an HD system? Maybe I'm just crazy.

Nintendo confirms MP3 player for DS //
"It's just like the Play Yan, where you insert an SD card into a GBA cart-sized adaptor," a Nintendo spokesperson explained.

"That is then inserted into either your DS, DS Lite, GBA SP or GB Micro - turn it on and away you go."

Nintendo has yet to confirm whether the MP3 player will come complete with an SD card. A 1GB SD card, which can hold approximately 240 songs, currently retails for around 30 Euro.

PS3 set to ship without HDMI cable //
That's according to the specs page on the official US PS3 website, which notes: "HDMI cable not included. Additional equipment may be required to use the HDMI connector."

Sony has long promoted the 60GB PS3's HDMI output as a key feature of the machine. The 20GB model, however, does not feature HDMI - and nor does Microsoft's rival Xbox 360 console.

SCE UK declined to comment on whether the 60GB PS3 will also ship without a HDMI cable here. However, sources close to Sony speculate that Europe will follow the US example by not including a cable in the box, due to the fact that the majority of console purchasers will not own a HDMI-ready TV - and those that do will already own a HDMI lead.


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