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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The PS3's Ability to Produce Realistic Content isn't being Question

What's being questioned is its ability to be a platform for revolutionary content. While Yamauchi is probably right that the PS3 does offer unprecedented opportunity to create HD and realistic content on a console. I think the question becomes, what does this mean/matter? I think few people will question GranTurismo's position as one of the biggest racing game franchises ever. What they might question is just how revolutionary that in and of itself is.

GameDaily BIZ: PS3 a "Weapon for Revolution," says Gran Turismo Creator
As you'd expect from a first-party developer Yamauchi continued to boast about the power of the PlayStation 3. "For the first time in video games, we can render graphics that are on a par with movies in terms of realism," he said, then noting that the increased horsepower makes it more difficult on developers because of the level of detail required. "It's very gratifying, but also very hard," he said.

"To be honest, I can't really say the [original PlayStation] or the PlayStation 2 were able to sufficiently represent the realistically modeled physical world we wanted [in previous Gran Turismo games]," he added. "With the PS3, we will be able to perform true physical modeling for the first time."

As for the PS3's online capabilities, Yamauchi thinks the next-gen console will do wonders by bringing the Internet to millions of TV screens. "The PS3 is not just revolutionary for video games; it's revolutionary for television, to put it simply," he boasted. The PS3's full online plans have not yet been completely outlined, but Sony does have the advantage of offering its online gaming platform for free. We're not sure how the PS3 will "revolutionize" the TV market, but SCE Worldwide Studios President Phil Harrison has talked about downloading movies or TV shows to the PS3 hard drive, so Yamauchi is likely referring to something along those lines.

Yamauchi's PS3 hype really entered the land of hyperbole later on, however, when he said, "Our job is to make games and deliver them to the user. But at the same time, we want to change society. So for us, the PlayStation 3 is our weapon for revolution."


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