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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Publishers: DS Could be Best Selling Video Game Platform Ever... Without our help.

So, this piece of news is really interesting. It's interesting to me because it seems so blatantly obvious that there is a goatload of money to be made off of the DS, yet publishers are actually not supporting the platform in any sort of gun-ho fashion. Instead they're being timid with a platform that for all ostensible purposes is one of the cheapest out there to develop for, perhaps save the web. But you know, risk has never been the name of the game for most publishers.

DS Could Be Best Selling Video Game Platform Ever
Naturally video game publishers are going to want a piece of the portable pie. The opportunities are many. "Historically, Nintendo has been able to dominate the portable game market by developing games specifically suited for the unique attributes of the portable platform. However, there is growing opportunity for third party publishers and developers of portable games," DFC said. "... publishers of not only casual games, but even developers of high-end PC games like role-playing (RPG), massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) and turn-based strategy, could benefit from the rising use of portable platforms among adults. Meanwhile, existing console game publishers have found it is possible to make over $100 million in revenue from a single PSP title based on the right franchise."

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