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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

GameDev.Net Picks up the IGDA Article

GameDev.Net seemed to pick up the article I wrote, which prompted me to check my blog site. Seems that a few rogue links snuck into the article from the time I sent it off to the IGDA and when it hit the website. I'm following up on that.

IGDA published "Quality of Life in a Global Game Industry" on their web site
When the talk which this article is based on was given at GDC 2007, it was interesting that the majority of attendees were not rank and file developers, and were instead managers and producers concerned how to handle the complex issues of QoL and a quickly globalizing video game industry. In part this reflects a broader understanding of QoL issues as being a problem which the industry must face from a top-down perspective rather than from the bottom-up. Publishers, studio managers, producers, and leads must all face QoL concerns head on. It is also the perspective of this researcher that more needs to be done at the level of hardware manufacturers to provide resources for developers to better address the complex set of issues that ultimately lead to poor QoL.

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