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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Need to Find This Patent (and I did)

Patent number 6,816,972, "Disk recording medium, reproduction device and method for performing
reproduction on disk recording medium." This was GRANTED in 2004. It was originally filed in 2000.
A device and method for protection of legitimate software against used
software and counterfeit software in recording media. The device includes
a disk is set in a main unit. A specific title code is read, and if this
title code has been registered, the main unit shifts to a normal
operation. If the code has not been registered, verification software is
initiated, PG detection is performed, and when a PG pattern and
verification data match, the code is registered in the COCT. If matching
does not occur, the disk is processed as illegitimate software.
I'm just trying to figure out how this is any different than what they're already doing in the PS1 and PS2. I'm almost positive that the PS2 is covered by this. It was an improvement over the system for the PS1 that made it hard to copy/burn PS1 disks. Could be wrong though.

GameDaily BIZ: Analysts: Sony's 'Used Games Ban' Tech May Still Be Utilized for PS3
In October 2000 Sony patented technology that would prevent PlayStation consoles from playing used, rented or borrowed games. Since this was discovered earlier this year, the web has been rife with speculation that Sony would finally use this technology to make it impossible to play games on its forthcoming PS3.


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