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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Global Game Industry Blog Goes Global

So it's about to happen. I'm set to leave for Bangalore, India on Monday. Of course I'll be getting there through JFK (NYC) and PDG (Paris, France). I'm set for nearly 24 hours of fly time over 36 hours. Should be good fun.

I'm planning to post updates here for lack of any better place really.

If you're looking to talk to me:
AIM: alphapo
@Gmail Jabber: caseyodonnell
Skype: caseyodonnell

I'll be trying to post images/thoughts as I meander through India's game industry over the next two months. It does make me happy that as I whip out the credit card continuously that the NSF has been so gracious as to fund this puppy. If I had something more meaningful to say, I would. But I don't.

In the mean time...


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