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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Casual Games

I think casual games are both casual and not-so-casual. Games like "Bejeweled" that are both casual, but not always casually played.

GameDaily BIZ: Study: Korean Game Market $2.0 billion in 2007
"One of the fastest growing segments is casual games that are free-to-play, easy-to-learn and can be played in 'micro-slices' of time of ten minutes or less. Pearl Research believes that casual games account for more than 30% of the online games market and appeals to a wide audience including females and gamers 30 years and older. Mobile games represent one of the fastest growing games segments and are forecasted to exceed $275 million in 2006 in South Korea. A slate of new technologies capable of delivering rich mobile content; ubiquitous marketing by South Korea's three mobile carriers, SK Telecom, KTF and LG Telecom; and innovative 3D mobile games are expected to drive the market."


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